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Sleep is an essential factor of the human body that individuals ignore. People assume that they can operate with inadequate sleep. They go to the extremes of staying awake for days and supplement sleep with coffee and energy drinks that keep them ‘alert.' Such behavior is dangerous since the human body and brain requires rest to function properly. Students who deprive their bodies sleep are affected mentally, physically, and emotionally. The following article contains vast explanations on how the lack of sleep affects academic performance.

·         Lack of sleep results in concentration loss

The human body needs to rest days and for a given period to function properly. Students, who are so busy with studies, work, and other activities which reduce this time, have concentration problems. They have difficulty staying alerted in class during instances when the brain is too tired to function. These students find themselves dozing in class. They also face difficulty in concentrating on what the teacher is saying. Such experiences affect their learning process which affects their academic performance.

·         Sleep deprivation also results in memory impairment

The human mind processes information fed to it during the day when an individual is asleep. Students need to get adequate sleep to allow this process to take place. Those who prioritize other activities interfere with this process. Consequently, they face difficulty retaining information and recalling what their teachers teach them.  This affects their ability to retain information which affects their education.

·         Sleep loss compromises physical and mental well-being

Students who lack sleep face difficulty when partaking in physical activity. Their bodies are too tired to do any strenuous exercises. Additionally, it becomes challenging to coordinate some movement since the brain fails to function properly. Such students experience mood swings, and they snap at others without cause. They experience hallucinations especially if they go for long periods without sleep. They also experience depression and attention deficit disorder since the brain is not functioning properly. These individuals may ignore the depressions symptoms assuming that they are a result of sleep deficiency which further affects their emotional and mental well-being custom research paper. Students should learn that sleep is as important a function as the other things that they prioritize and that lack of it affects their other activities. The students end up jeopardizing their health, studies, and other activities due to insufficient sleep.


Even machines need down time and maintenance to function efficiently. The downtime prevents the devices from overheating and wearing down. Why then do individuals take rest lightly yet their bodies, unlike machines, cannot function without adequate sleep? Sleep prevents the human body and mind from fatigue. It refreshes the brain thus enabling people to wake up feeling energized. Students should, therefore, prioritize sleep if they want to excel in their studies. They should allocate enough sleeping time that will ensure that their bodies are well rested. They should manage their time well to allocate for all activities including sleep. Proper sleeping schedules will improve their concentration levels in class; ensure the retaining of material learned in class; and provide a healthy physical, mental and emotional well being.

The development strategy of OFAL was presented 

The information conference that presented strategy for Functional Area Leszno Agglomeration took place on 24th March 2015.


The roads, cycle paths and revitalization are very important for the Leszno Agglomeration 

On February 11th 2015 Partnership Council, composed of the mayors, the governor and the president representing local governments involved in the project, has selected projects whose implementation will contribute to strengthen the development and socio-economic cohesion of the Leszno Agglomeration . The technical documentation will be created  for selected investments within the framework of grants received.






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