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Project update - November 2014 

The project entitled “Partnership of the Functional Area for reinforcing growth and the social and economic cohesion of the Leszno Agglomeration” is implemented by 10 units of territorial self-government and 4 social partners. Geographically, the functional area covers the premises of the town of Leszno, the Leszno region and the Przemęt commune (which belongs to the Wolsztyn region). The area of the Agglomeration covers 1063km2 which is inhabited by more than 132 thousand residents. Within the project 6 tasks are planned to be completed between February 2014 and March 2016.


The following tasks were completed to this date:

Task 1 Project Management

A team responsible for implementing the project has been appointed. The Leader of the Functional Area of the Leszno Agglomeration (OFAL), i.e. the town of Leszno has established a Project Office – it hired a project coordinator and engaged the necessary staff to implement the planned tasks with regard to the material and financial scope. In particular self-government units, coordinators were appointed who are involved in the on-going realisation of particular activities. Also, cooperation with representatives of social partners was established.

From the start of the project, also the Partnership Council has been meeting. It is composed of administrators, mayors, the president and governor representing the partners of the functional area of the Leszno Agglomeration.

Task 2 Information and Promotion

In April of this year, with the participation of self-governments composing the Leszno Agglomeration, people involved in intra self-government cooperation, representatives of the stakeholders and residents, a conference inaugurating the project took place.

More than 70 attendees had the opportunity of listening to a lecture on the idea of cooperation within the functional areas, learning the good practices in this scope and discussing the possibilities and opportunities of growth of the agglomeration by undertaking joint activities, as well as threats which may occur while establishing the cooperation.

In April, while considering proper promotion and communication with the environment, also a System of Visual Identification for the Leszno Agglomeration was developed. Marketing materials for the project were ordered (notebooks, pens, posters, an information board) and roll-ups. A website was launched ( Articles relating to the cooperation within the functional area were also published online and in the local and self-government press.

Task 3 Institutional Growth  

Within this task, two training cycles were conducted which aimed at acquiring knowledge enabling better cooperation within the group and effective project management. Coordinators and people involved in project completion acquired knowledge within the scope of developing a strategy and its pro-social approach as well as financing and settlements between the partners.

Task 4 Preparing common strategic and sector documents

A tender procedure was completed and Contractors were selected for the following tasks: developing a Strategy for Social and Economic Growth of OFAL, developing a Strategy for Economic Growth with Growth Plan for Investment Areas and Investor Acquisition Plan, preparing a Study on Developing Sustainable Transport for OFAL, developing a Strategy for Modernising OFAL.

At the end of September of this year, the Partnership Council completed an acceptance of the document on the Strategy for Social and Economic Growth of OFAL. The process of social consultations was completed during subsequent stages of developing the strategy using various tools. In consisted of the following components:

a) surveying the local communities – PAPI surveys conducted among 600 residents,

b) 63 interviews with opinion-making representatives of the local communities,

c) two workshops on strategic planning for the Partnership Council and work teams (social team, technical infrastructure
    team, economy team),

d) consultations on the draft online documents and during the open meeting for residents.


Task 5 Developing technical documentation for the largest investments resulting from documents prepared in Task 4.

This task is planned for November of this year.

Task 6 Monitoring and evaluation of the project

Two Periodic Financial Reports were submitted. The schedule, all project tasks and expenses were monitored on a current basis.

Plans relating to project activities by the end of the year and in Q1 2015:

By the end of 2014 the following activities are planned:

-  Conducting final training for Partnership members,

-  Publishing two subsequent articles on the local website,

-  Completing works on the 3 sector plans: Study on Developing Sustainable Transport for the Functional Area of the
   Leszno Agglomeration, Strategy for Economic Growth with Growth Plan for Investment Areas and Investor Acquisition
   Plan, Strategy for Modernising the Functional Area of the Leszno Agglomeration

-  Beginning works related to selecting contractors of the planning and technical documents.


The following activities are planned for Q1 2015:

-  Publishing the first article on the local website,

-  Organising a conference which will present the prepared strategic documents,

         -  Selecting contractors for developing the planning and technical documents; working on these documents 







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